meI’m the word angel. I work from home as a freelance writer, editor, proof reader, journalist and PR consultant, for my sins. I live on the beautiful Royal Mile in Edinburgh with Andrew, my musician/researcher husband, and together we’re desperate for a puppy. I’m studying interior design and creative writing in my spare time. You could say I’m a word geek, with a ridiculous appetite for books (real ones please – none of this Kindle nonsense). I love vintage clothes and lust after Chanel handbags, although I’d never buy one – I’d rather spend the money on a holiday in the sun. I signed up for tango lessons having said I would for at least ten years now. I recently taught myself how to hula hoop, as it really bugged me that I couldn’t. Saying that I can’t drive and believe me it’s safer that way. My favourite thing is, without doubt, eating – ideally bread and pate and cheese and all the delicious, unhealthy stuff (I’m Taurus, the greediest sign of the zodiac). I recently quit smoking after 24 years of chuffing away – and promptly went up a dress size so started exercising for the first time in my life. Yes, my body is in total shock. The most important things in life: husband, friends and family; my health; getting outdoors daily; being my own boss.


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